Website terms and conditions of use

« The member has the right to cancel his or her membership without penalty within 14 calendar days after the day of reception of membership confirmation, as long as he or she notifies HOUSWAP SPRL by registered mail. Any clause whereby the member waives this right is void. It is sufficient that the notice be postmarked, not received, before the deadline expires. »
This cancellation right cannot be exercised by the member if it has been agreed between the parties that the service takes place before the end of the cancellation period. Service payment is final and the member does not have the right to cancel once the payment has been made.

These Terms and Conditions govern all subscriptions concluded ​​between Houswap, whose head office is located in Ixelles,92 rue souveraine Brussels on the one hand, and the member on the other hand. These Terms and Conditions also define the terms of availability of services provided by Houswap. By visiting or using the website or subscribe to Houswap implies that the member accepts in full the Terms and Conditions in their entirety. Houswap reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Houswap Club is a private club created by Houswap. The latter selects holiday homes on its website. These properties are located throughout the world. Houswap thus offers a platform for presentation of real estate properties where members can, if desired, contract with each other, without any intervention from Houswap. Houswap does not intervene in research, selection or transactions.

The internet site Houswap is accessible to all its members. All costs relating to access to this site, however, are the sole responsibility of the member. The latter is exclusively responsible for the correct functioning of his or her computer equipment and internet access.

Some sections of the Houswap website are reserved for members only. Members will receive, after login and payment of membership fees, access to this platform. Houswap reserves the right to refuse access to the website, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any member not complying with the Terms and Conditions.

No person outside of Houswap is authorized to use the website for any solicitation or commercial purposes. The images and text belong exclusively to Houswap and can never be disclosed, distributed, reproduced, or simply utilized for purposes other than those intended by Houswap.

Houswap cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or server or any event beyond its control. Moreover, Houswap reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without notice access to the site without said interruptions allowing members the right to any indemnity whatsoever.

Membership fee is due to Houswap Club upon acceptance of membership. This membership is fixed and covers, unless countermanded, access to Houswap Club for 365 days. As long as membership is not paid, Houswap will suspend the presentation of the property or properties of the defaulting member.

Houswap reserves the right to display the properties of its members on the website. Houswap and only Houswap will operate the selection of the properties displayed therein. Houswap reserves the unilateral right to disable or modify the presentation of the property or properties of any of its members, even before expiration of a membership, especially when such presentation relates to an unavailable or changed property, or when such representation is contrary to the Terms and Conditions, when the pictures sent to Houswap do not explicitly or faithfully represent the property, or when the presentation is misleading, especially with respect to its location, or illegal.

Houswap will provide advice to its members for the presentation of their property or properties. This does not preclude that the member will be responsible for the content posted. The member specifically agrees that the content of the presentation will not prejudice the legitimate interests of third parties. As such, the member agrees to:
- Not publish presentations of properties not owned by the member; in case of joint ownership, each co-owner must consent to this presentation and to these Terms and Conditions;
- Not defame, abuse, harass, or insult;
- Not create or use false identities or impersonate the identity of another person;
- Not disrupt the operation of the Houswap website or Houswap equipment, or equipment of other members;
- Publish only content (images, photos, etc.) that does not infringe on third-party rights, including intellectual property rights (author copyright, image copyright, trademark copyright, etc.) and/or moral values and good manners.
- Not affect the right to respect of the private life of others;
- Not mislead members with regard to the descriptions of the goods advertised.

The member indemnifies Houswap against any possible action of third parties caused directly or indirectly by the presentation published. He or she will pay all sums arising from claims of third parties against Houswap, including court costs and attorney fees that Houswap will have engendered in this framework.

All members will undertake proper administration of their listed property or properties. This applies in particular to the good performance of the availability calendar.

The Houswap website, its content (including photos, illustrations, texts, etc.) as well as the trademarks and logos for Houswap and Houswap Club are the exclusive property of Houswap. The Member agrees to strictly comply with these rights.

Moreover, all members graciously cede to Houswap all intellectual property rights relating to the content of presentations, including the right of reproduction, representation and adaptation.

Presentations are published under the sole responsibility of the member deemed to act as an author and assuming exclusive responsibility for any breaches of the law, complaints, or litigation in connection with a publication or presentation. Houswap declines any liability with regard to errors in presentations. Members recognize that Houswap offers a platform where members can present their properties to be exchanged. Under no circumstances should Houswap be considered a certifier providing any warranty regarding the content of the presentations or properties. Houswap is moreover unable to verify the information provided by members.

All personal information provided by members on the website is intended for Houswap, its subcontractors or suppliers. Unless specified by the member, Houswap may on occasion treat this information for its exclusive benefit or on behalf of business partners in business transactions. If the member does not want his or her details to be shared with trading partners, he or she will need to communicate so upon registering as a member.

The Houswap website contains links to content from third parties or to websites operated by third parties. Houswap is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this content or these websites.

All members are informed that when accessing the website, information may be temporarily stored on their hard drive to facilitate website navigation. Members acknowledge having been informed of this practice and do not prohibit Houswap from using it.

Claims must be addressed to the Houswap headquarters and sent by registered mail. These written claims must clearly state the nature and motivation of the claim. Any and all timely and well-founded claims can only lead to an obligation on the part of X to a refund of membership and nothing more.

Houswap will ensure wherever possible that the site is free of viruses and/or bugs. It cannot however be excluded that these may be present. The member is aware that Houswap can not be held liable for any resulting damage and should equip his or her computer(s) with the necessary protective measures.

The member realizes that the presentations are not offers but rather invitations to offers, whose content is not always current or updated. He or she will contact the member of the presentation to ensure that the data are (still) valid and accurate.

Any disputes arising are under the sole jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels. The relationship between the member and Houswap is governed by Belgian law.